ICANN's requirement to verify your domain name.


You can think of ICANN as the governing body for domain registration services from accredited registrars. ICANN is an acronym for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Last year, ICANN instituted a new rule that requires domain name owners to verify their contact information on a yearly basis -- even if there are no changes and even if the domain is registered for multiple years. The UP side is that this helps to keeps your information current so that you receive notices of renewal, receipts, etc. The DOWN side is that if you don't verify, your domain name will be pulled from service.

Watch for messages from your registrar and pay attention to any notices to verify. If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of the message, contact us and we'll help answer any questions you have and sort through any confusion.

Below are instructions for verifying your domain name at

  • Log in to your Account Manager. If you don't know how to access, we can help.
  • Next to Domains, click Launch.
  • Update any email contact addresses that are out of date.
  • If you see an orange notification banner at the top of the page, click Resend Verification Email. If you don't see a banner with the link in the Domain Control Panel, click on the domain name with a Pending WhoIs Verification status. The domain's page will have a banner with a resend button. Visit your email account, open the verification email, and click Verify your email address.

After verifying your contact information, the system will update your domain name from a Pending WhoIs status to a Verified status within 24 hours (probably much sooner).

That's all there is too it!


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