How can I edit the category for my site?

The website category you select at the beginning of the site creation process allows us to present you with a template and content suggestions to get you started with your site. You're not limited to the initial style and content though, and you can easily add pages or change your style following the instructions below.

To add more pages to your site click on Page and click the "+" sign. Give your page a name and the heading you would like to have on the page. You can also choose to have your page on the main navigation, and/or or apply password protection. Then click "OK".

To change the style:

  • Click on the Style tab in the Sitebuilder.
  • The Style menu will open.
    • To view just the Premium styles, click on the "Premium" tab.
    • To view just the free styles, select the "Free" tab.
  • Mouse over the various styles to display a thumbnail preview and editing features. To preview a style on your site, click on it. If you have a custom banner on your current style, it will be moved to the File Manager and you can apply it to the new style from there.
  • To revert back to your previous style, click on "Revert Style".
  • When you've decided which style you'd like to use, click on it.
  • The new style will load onto your site.
  • If you have added your own banner to the previous style, it will not be added to the new one - you will need to re-add it to your new style from the File Manager (if the style has the option).




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