Will cPanel ever contact me directly?

I've been getting email messages directly from cPanel that describe a security upgrade. The message asks me to log in to confirm my user id and password. Is this legit? The message threatens a suspension of services if I don't comply.

Answer: DON'T DO IT! cPanel will NEVER contact you directly and will NEVER ask for your login credentials. This is a phishing scheme and if you follow through, you are giving away access to your entire hosting account, web pages, email accounts, databases -- everything. DO NOT RESPOND. DELETE THE MESSAGE.

Tip: In most browsers, if you hover your cursor over the link, you'll see that it does not go to cpanel, but some sub-folder within another account that has probably been hacked.

If you ever have any questions about messages like this, feel free to contact us directly and we'll check it out for you. We're happy to assist our members in this way.

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