What is a Parked Domain?

A Parked Domain is one way for you to use an additional domain in your LinkSky hosting account. A Parked Domain displays the same page as your home page.

Let's take a look at how this works. Your company is Acme Better Widgets and you've registered the domain,, and set up a LinkSky hosting account with your new domain name. You could register an additional domain, for example,, and Park it at your home page for A Parked Domain displays the same page as your home page. You can think of it as a kind of "alias" or a nickname.

You are welcome to register your domain names with our domain center at, offering competitive pricing and a very user-friendly interface. (Of course, this is not required.) We offer this service as a courtesy to our members.

You could register,, etc. If your domain name is commonly misspelled, you can register a domain name with the incorrect spelling and use that. You can also register and Park your domain name with alternate extensions such as,,, etc. Get as creative as you want. There is no fee to Park a domain name.

In addition, make sure the domain you want to Park is pointed to your LinkSky server. This means that the nameservers in the domain record must be the same as your main/hosted domain name.

The final step is to access your cpanel. In the Domains section, click on Parked Domains.

The instructions are very simple to follow. You'll find a link to a video tutorial at the top of that page if you want to watch the process first, or you can watch it here.

Once your new / additional domain is registered and Parked, your visitors can type either your hosted domain or your Parked domain and reach your main LinkSky home page.

As an added feature, you can set up Mailboxes and / or Forwarders based on your Parked domain.

This feature is free. You can delete the Parked domain at any time.


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