How can I backup my Linksky website?

Periodic backups are a useful way to store copies of your Linksky hosting account off-server (i.e. on your desktop) for additional safe keeping. For example, before you make big changes like redesigning your site or upgrading scripts or plugins, you might want to back up your files or your entire account "just in case."


From your Linksky cpanel home page, look in the Files section for the Backups or the Backup Wizard icon.

The Backups area provides a basic interface for downloading and storing all or some of the website’s files, databases, forwarders and filters. This tool may be useful for more experienced users who wish to expedite the backup process. Newer users may prefer the Backup Wizard.

Full Backup: You can use this interface to create a full backup. The full backup will include your home directory, databases, email forwarders, and filters.

Partial Backup: The Backups page also allows you to store individual pieces of your site. It is possible to download and store the entire /home directory, the SQL database(s), as well as email forwarders and filters by clicking the appropriate links under the Partial Backups headings. This method will download the backup file(s) to your computer, saving them to a specified directory.

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