What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a very common method to transfer files from your desktop to your hosting account and vice versa.

There are many FTP utilities available on the internet. We often recommend a FREE utilitiy called FileZilla, from Mozilla, the developers of the Firefox browser. You can download the FileZilla Client Ap here .

In order to connect to your account via FTP you'll need the following:
• Host -- (use your actual domain name or your LinkSky server IP address)
• Username
• Password
• Folder/directory -- /www

Anything you want to be seen with a browser will need to be uploaded to the /www folder.

Without getting too specific in my description, the FTP utility will open a window on your computer that will display a list of folders and files in your account in the server. When you drag files into that window, you are uploading them to your account on the server.

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