I was using FTP and suddenly I can't access my site. Why?

Some FTP software is configured to hold open the last connection for a period of time as it goes on to the next. It is possible that your FTP software will effectively try to hold open hundreds, or even thousands of simultaneous connections to your LinkSky account. Our server's security system will "see this" as a DoS (denial of service) attack and temporarily your IP address.

You may be able to get around this by accessing the advanced settings in your FTP software. Take the numbers down as low as you can for both "simultaneous" or "concurrent connections," as well as the setting for "timeout."

Taking the number of simultaneous connections down to one and the timeout setting down to zero, will likely enable you to download or upload hundreds or even thousands of files without disruption from the server.

Below are instructions for editing these settings in the popular FTP utility called Filezilla.

1) Under File, select Site Manager. In the window that opens, click on the Transfer Settings tab. Check the box "Limit the number of simultaneous connections." Select the lowest possible setting for "Maximum number of connections."

2) Access your Settings window. From the options on the left, select Connection. The information on the right will show the timeout in seconds. Make this number as low as possible.

To download a (free) copy of FileZilla, click here.

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