How can I see who's visiting my site (website statistics)?

To access AWStats, log in to your cPanel. For assistance in accessing your cpanel, click here.

Scroll down to the Logs section. Click on the AWStats icon.

Click the view icon next to your domain.

You are now viewing the stats for that domain.

The report gives details about the number of people coming to your site, along with other information that you will find useful. It includes things like: Pages viewed and visit duration; Monthly, daily and hourly history; Countries; Referring sites; Search key phrases; Search keywords; Referring websites and other critical information to help you analyze and improve your web presence.

To help understand the details of the AWStats page, click here for a comprehensive explanation of each of the terms.

AWStats updates automatically every 24 hours, and can also be updated instantly by clicking on the Update Now text link at the top of your page.


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