Can I make sub-pages with RVSiteBuilder?

Yes! It's really very easy to do. Access cpanel and click on the RVSiteBuilder icon, then Edit Website. Here you'll see your list of pages.

The first step is to create all of your pages and put them in the order that you want them to display in your site's navigation bar.

To the left of one of the page names, click the small up or down arrow. A popup window will open called Rearrange Pages. There are four directional arrows in this window. The top arrow will move the page higher on the navigation bar and the down arrow will move that page further down. The angled down arrow (furthest to the right) will make that page a sub-page of the page just above it. And the angled up arrow will put that page back in the main navigation bar so it's no longer a subpage.

When you've got the order you want, save your changes, preview and publish. Could it be any easier?

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