Can I create custom error pages with my own messages?

Some webmasters think that using custom error pages makes your website look more professional.

Basic, generic error pages are automatically provided by your LinkSky server.

It's easy to create custom error pages with your branding and your unique message. Custom pages are available for any valid HTTP status code beginning in 4 or 5. For a list of the codes and what they mean click here.

To create a custom error page, access your cpanel. In the Advanced section, click on Error Pages.
To edit an error page, click the error code for the page you wish to edit. If you don’t see the error code for the page you wish to edit, click the Show All HTTP Error Status Codes tab.

Type the message into the text box that you wish visitors to see when they encounter that error.

You can select certain HTML tags to be added to a custom error page. These tags will display facts on the error page about the visitor accessing your website.

You can further customize your error pages by keying in HTML code to format the text on the page.

Go forth and be creative!



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