How do I set up an FTP account?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the most common way to upload pages to your web site.

Every LinkSky account includes FTP access.

There are three pieces of infomation you need to connect via FTP: Host, Username, Password. The user name and password are the same as for cpanel. If you change your main account password, you will need to change the password in your FTP software to match it. The "host" is (of course, use your own domain name).

IMPORTANT: You'll need to upload your files to a folder called either /www or /public_html. The folder called www is symlink to public_html  there is just one folder with two names). For some, www is easier to remember. If you want your files to be viewable with a browser they must be in that folder or one of it's subfolders.



Why would you want to create more accounts? There are many situations where FTP can make the transfer of information easier:

  • You might want to give your webmaster access to upload files, but not access to cpanel.
  • A consultant might want to allow her clients to upload files to a specific folder in her web space.
  • If you're trying to send someone a very large file, uploading it via FTP might be faster and easier than email. In this case, you would simply send a email message containing the web address of the uploaded file. If the information is private, you can password-protect the folder. See more on password protecting folders here.

FTPAccounts.jpgTo create an additional FTP account, access your cpanel. In the Files section, click on FTP Accounts. On the next page, for the login, type the username. You'll notice that for this FTP account the login/username will look like an email address. Next, assign a Password for this user.

Then, you'll need to decide if they need access to your entire web space, or just a specific part of it. To give them access to the entire space, leave the Directory field blank. To give them access to a specific Directory (or folder), type in the name of the folder.

If you want to limit the size of the folder, type something in that field. When that folder is full, they won't be able to upload anything else.

Before you send the settings to your associate, you might want to test them in your FTP client first.

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