I can receive email but I can't send. Why?

Most often, this is a simple matter of updating the settings in your email software. Below are some general guidelines, but there may be other issues.

  1. Make sure your correct password is entered in the SMTP (outgoing) settings. To test, you can try accessing your mailbox via webmail. If you need to reset your mailbox password, you can do so in your cpanel.
  2. Make sure that "authentication" is enabled (password). Enter your username (email address) and mailbox password.
  3. In most cases, turn OFF SSL (sending securely).
  4. If the default port, 25, does not work, change to port 426.

If you still need assistance, please submit a Help Desk request. If you have not set up an account to manage your Help Desk tickets, please create an account and watch for the verification email.

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