How do I setup my email client to check my mailbox on the LinkSky server?

This article has been deprecated, see our new Setup Email Account articles.

All email programs have these basic settings that you will need to establish:

1 -- Email host address (for both receiving and sending) is
2 -- User ID or account name is your entire email address
3 -- Mailbox password.

Refer to your original account startup "welcome" email messages for the specific settings for your account.

Another option is to acccess your cpanel. In the Mail section, click on Email Accounts. Find the mailbox in your list of accounts. In the Functions section, click on More and then Configure Mail Client and follow the instructions.

This will get you started but you may need to make some minor adjustments. Keep reading.

POP3 is recommended over IMAP.

LinkSky servers require authentication, so be sure to adjust your settings to check for incoming mail before you send, or select the option "My server requires authentication" (or something to that effect). For some software, you'll need to fill in the fields for "log on using" with your email address and mailbox password.

The default SMTP port is 25. If you can't send using that port, try port 426.

You must have a Reply To address in your settings.

In most cases SSL (encryption) should be OFF.

If you need further assistance, it's easy to submit a support request here. Watch for a verification email.


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