Will I be notified if my mailbox or my entire hosting account is full?

This tutorial will show you how to keep your contact information up to date in cPanel. The LinkSky server uses this information to automatically send critical email messages. Warnings about email accounts being "Close to Full" are sent here, giving you time to take action before the mail does bounce. This tutorial will assume that you are logged into your cPanel.

On the main page of your cPanel to the Preferences section. Click on the Update Contact Info.

This will take you to a screen where you can enter your contact email address. You can use any email address not associated with this account.

Select the preferences you want to be notified about (disk quota, bandwidth quota, mailbox quota).

When you are done, click Save, and all your new information is on record. Click HOME and return to the cPanel main page.

You can now exit cPanel by closing your browser, or by using the Logout button in the upper right corner. Remember, if you are using a public computer, ALWAYS Logout of cPanel before closing due to security reasons.

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