How do I obtain an SSL certificate?

Below are the steps for obtaining an SSL certificate for your LinkSky hosted account:

1 -- Order a Dedicated IP address for your account (optional). It will raise your hosting fee by an additional $3 per month. You can order a Dedicated IP by logging in to your BILLING SERVICES account at

Click on Services and select View Available Addons from the pull down menu. You'll see the option to order a Dedicated IP. Make sure that the package reflects the correct domain name, the click Order Now. Note: Discount codes are not valid for Dedicated IPs.

Use the Comment box on the order form to ask that a "request key" (also called a CSR) be sent to you for the SSL certificate. You will need to submit the "request key" to the service where you purchase the certificate.

For the generation of the request key, we will need the following:
-- Your name
-- Your hosted domain name w/ subdomain (i.e. the version you would like to use in your secure address, e.g.,,, etc.)
-- The department within your company (for which the cert is made).
-- Your company name (or your name if sole proprietor)
-- Your email address
-- Your company mailing address
-- Your company telephone number

This information will be encoded into the SSL key. The certificate provider may ask you to provide (via fax) a business license, fictitious (name) business statement, a photo ID, etc.

TIP: For ordering StarField certificates from, the process will be very quick if you use the same information as is recorded in the WhoIS record for your domain. To view this information visit Enter your domain in the search box. The WhoIS information will be display down the page.

The LinkSky Domain Center offers -- SSL certificates for just $27.95 per year (for two years). A certificate purchased at our domain center will give you the strongest possible encryption and all the compatibility of Comodo, Thawte, or Verisign certificates.

2 -- When you receive the request key from us, submit this to your SSL certificate provider upon ordering the certificate. The information in the CSR will be incorporated into the final certificate code.

3 -- When you receive the final code, email the code to LinkSky's support department and we will install the certificate for your account. (There is no fee for this service.)

4 -- Once you receive confirmation from us that the certificate has been installed, you will be able to use "https://" to encrypt any portion of your site that does not contain off-site hot linked items which are brought into the page (off-site hit counters, videos, etc.)


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